Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec
Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec


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Romantic dinner in the garden. White wine, wine glasses, flowers. Engagement in the garden
Moments spent with loved ones


There are a lot of reasons to get together with family and friends: birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, and first communions to name a few. These moments will be more memorable if they are spent in a unique setting. Why not have Kamieniec Palace all to yourself? The Palace, the Farmhouse and the magical garden.

A beautifully decorated table in the Pałac Kamieniec Restaurant. Family parties at Palace
The Restaurant in Kamieniec Palace. Brick arches. Antique copper pots
Table decoration. Crystal candelabra. A table in the Pałac Kamieniec Restaurant. Candles


The Kamieniec Palace is a great place for small, close-knit gatherings of up to 56 people. The landscaped garden is perfect for a family barbeque, and guests can also enjoy the elegant interiors of the Palace and Farmhouse. We highly recommend the cozy Brick Room at the Farmhouse for gatherings of up to 28 guests.

The restaurant in Kamieniec Palace. The living room for family parties. Wedding at the Palace.
A decorated table in the Kamieniec Palace. Tasteful decorations. Family party near Kłodzo
The living room in the Palace for family parties. A decorated table. Beautiful flowers