Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec
Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec


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Restaurant in Kamieniec Palace. A cozy restaurant with good food close to Polanica
Round table for family parties. Table decorations at Pałac Kamieniec
Exceptional atmosphere and exquisite flavours


Embark on a culinary journey through time and space. Enjoy dishes made with locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are influenced by traditional regional recipes from long ago as well as French and Polish chateau cuisine. Enjoy our home-made liqueurs and wine from the palace cellar.

Zander with groats kus kus. Delicious dishes at the Pałac Kamieniec restaurant in Kotlina Kłodzka
Delicious beef tartare at the Pałac Kamieniec restaurant
Dessert at the Palac Kamieniec restaurant. Café in the Kamieniec Palace near Polanica


The food served at Kamieniec Palace is a seasonal journey that embodies the garden-to-table concept. It combines traditional regional cuisine with the kitchen team’s creativity. In order to enhance modern dishes, we have rediscovered the Kłodzko County historical recipes collected in the book “Das Grafschaft Glatzer Kochbuch - Asu schmeckt's”.

Desserts at the Pałac Kamieniec restaurant. Café in the Kamieniec Palace near Polanica
Desery w restauracji Pałac Kamieniec. Kawiarnia w Pałacu Kamieniec koło Polanicy
Pickles in the Kamieniec Palace restaurant. Pickled vegetables. Pickled radish. Pickled cucumbers.
Vegetarian dish at the Pałac Kamieniec restaurant. Delicious cuisine in Kotlina Kłodzka


Our approach to cuisine is already winning plaudits. The Kamieniec Palace has already earned two distinctions and can be found in the Poland Yellow Guide of Gault&Millau. This demonstrates that our culinary efforts are on the right track and are inspiring our guests to experience the flavours of the Kłodzko Valley.

Breakfast buffet at the Kamieniec Palace. Palace breakfasts. Fresh bread, fruit, yogurts, cookies
Udekorowany stół w sali w Folwarku w Pałacu Kamieniec. Gustowne dekoracje. Przyjęcie rodzinne.
A decorated table in the Kamieniec Palace. Tasteful decorations. Family party near Kłodzo