Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec
Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec

The Palace today

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For many years, we have laboured to restore Kamieniec Palace from a rundown historic landmark to a charming guesthouse with modern amenities and picturesque grounds. Amazing scenery, restored farm buildings, and a one-of-a-kind garden are just a few of the features that set our tranquil retreat apart. Stop for a moment and soak in the nature.

Living  room in the Kamieniec Palace. Boutique residence in Kotlina Kłodzka. Hotel for a wedding
Kamieniec Palace by night.  A Boutique hotel near Polanica
Leisure space  in the Apartment  with view garden in the Kamieniec Palace. An exclusive hotel
A Lounge in Palace Kamieniec


True relaxation requires being immersed in natural surroundings. The Palace's enviable position means that every room boasts a picture-perfect panorama of the surrounding mountains and the Kłodzko Valley. Add to that the soothing silence, the scent of the palace garden and the elegant interiors. Here, time passes slowly.

Mountains view  from the Kamieniec Palace. A romantic place in Kotlina Kłodzka


The ground floor features a collection of representative rooms laid out in an enfilade. The Sideboard Room is the place for meetings and sumptuous receptions. In the secluded Library hang historic maps of Kłodzko County, donated by Baron von Seherr-Thoss, a descendant of the former owners.

The romantic apartment in the Kamieniec Palace. The canopy bed.  Wooden floor
Deluxe room in Kamieniec Palace. Wooden original floor. Wooden ceiling boards.
Deluxe room in Kamieniec Palace. Triple room. Beautiful view of the garden. Comfortable rest

The magnificent larch staircase used to be one the palace's most prized architectural features. We painstakingly rebuilt it from scratch using oak wood, paying close attention to every detail. Over 40 stair treads, ornaments, pillars, balusters, and railings weigh a total of four tons.

A staircase with beautiful oak stairs in the Kamieniec Palace

Dawną ozdobą pałacowych wnętrz były przepiękne, modrzewiowe schody. Odtworzyliśmy je z drewna dębowego, dbając o najdrobniejszy szczegół. Ponad czterdzieści stopni, dekoracje, króle, tralki i poręcze ważą łącznie cztery tony.

Ozdobą Biblioteki jest oprawiony w ramki list z 1883 roku, który podczas remontu sfrunął z nadproża drzwi. Choć jego treść to kilka kurtuazyjnych akapitów ę, był on dla nas jak pozdrowienie z przeszłości – od dawnych gości Kamieńca.