Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec
Pałac Kamieniec Pałac Kamieniec

Palace Farm

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Relax at Kamieniec Palace


Seven rooms, formerly used as storage, have been transformed into a mix of palace elegance and rustic design with bright, cheerful colours. Discover a haven with views of the north garden. Forget about your everyday duties.

Deluxe room in Grange. A room with a mezzanine. Kamieniec Palace Hotel. Beautiful interiors
Standard room in Grange. Comfortable large bed. Nice interior design. A room in the Kamieniec Palac
Deluxe room in Grange. Wooden Ceiling. King size bed. A comfortable room in the Polanica hotel


There was no way to ignore the site's agricultural history while we were restoring it. That is why we created the North Garden in the farmhouse courtyard, with a boxwood maze planted with herbs and flowers. Enjoy the view.