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§ 1

  1. Guests of Kamieniec Palace renting a room are obliged to show a photo document confirming their identity to the Reception employee at check-in. In the event of a refusal to show a document in a way that allows the Guest to check in, the Receptionist is obliged to refuse to issue a room key.
  2. Guests shall personally write their name and signature on the registration card. At a Guest's request, the Receptionist is obliged to enter the remaining registration data himself/herself from the identity document which the Guest may leave at the Reception for this purpose. The completion and signature of the registration card is necessary and equivalent with the conclusion of a contract with the Hotel for the provision of hotel services. The concluded hotel service agreement is the basis for the processing of the Guest's data to the extent necessary for the defence and assertion of possible claims. According to the provisions of these terms and conditions, the required data necessary to conclude a contract with the Hotel are the first name and surname, the address of residence and the identity document number of the Guest.
  3. A Guest by commencing their stay at the Palace is deemed to have read and accepted the Regulations of the facility and the attached Information on Personal Data for Guests of Kamieniec Palace.
  4. Guest rooms at Kamieniec Palace are rented by the day.
  5. Check-in begins at 15:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 on the day of departure.
  6. If the Guest does not specify the length of stay when renting the room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.

§ 2

  1. If a Guest wishes to extend their stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, they must inform the reception desk by 9:00 on the day the check-out deadline expires.
  2. Kamieniec Palace takes into account a Guest's wish to extend their stay as far as possible.
  3. Failure to report an extension of a Guest's stay and leaving belongings in the room longer than until 11:00 is treated as an automatic extension of the stay by another 24 hours.
  4. If it is not possible to extend the stay or if Kamieniec Palace has no vacancies under the circumstances described above, the Guest's belongings will be kept in deposit.

§ 3

  1. Guests have the right to lodge a complaint if they notice deficiencies, in the quality of the services provided. A complaint should be lodged at the Reception as soon as deficiencies in the standard of service are noticed.
  2. The Palace is obliged to respond promptly to any comments and reservations regarding the level of service, the operation of the hotel facilities and the cleanliness and tidiness of the hotel, by taking action to rectify defects and shortcomings immediately.

§ 4

  1. The guest may not make the room or the keys available to third parties, even if the period for which the Guest has paid the fee has not expired. A condition for using the room is to present and allow the transcription of the data from the ID card (for reasons of security of the historical Palace interiors).
  2. Kamieniec Palace may refuse to admit a Guest who, during a previous stay: - grossly violated the guest room regulations,
    - caused damage to the property of the Palace or other guests,
    - harmed or insulted an employee,
    - caused damage to a person staying in the Palace or insulted him or her, or otherwise disrupted the peaceful stay of guests or the operation of the Kamieniec Palace.
  3. Kamieniec Palace has the right to expel a guest who commits the above-described violations (without the right to refund fees for services). Kamieniec Palace may claim damages from a Guest on general principles.
  4. Persons not registered at the Hotel may stay as guests in the hotel room from 7:00 to 22:00.

§ 5

  1. Kamieniec Palace is obliged to provide: - conditions for full and unhindered rest of the Guest, - security of the Guest's stay, including safekeeping of a Guest's information, - professional and courteous service in terms of all services provided at Kamieniec Palace, - cleaning of the room and performing any necessary repair of equipment during the Guest's absence, and in the guest's presence only if the guest expresses such a wish.
  2. In the event of faults that cannot be rectified, the Palace will endeavour to swap rooms if possible or otherwise alleviate the inconvenience.
  3. For stays longer than 3-4 nights, please ask at reception of Kamieniec Hotel for changing the bed linen and towels and cleaning the room.

§ 6

  1. Kamieniec Palace shall not be liable for loss of or damage to items brought in by persons using its services to the extent specified by law. Valuables should be deposited at the Palace reception. The Palace is not responsible for clothing left outside the designated areas (due to the lack of control and supervision of this property).
  2. Guests should notify the Palace reception of any damage as soon as it is discovered.
  3. Parking at the Palace is not part of the service and is unguarded.
  4. Guests of the Palace are obliged to familiarise themselves with the room furnishings and to keep them intact.
  5. A Guest of the Palace bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of the Palace's furnishings and technical equipment caused by their fault or the fault of visitors staying with them. The Palace reserves the right to charge a Guest's credit card for any damage caused after the Guest's departure.
  6. It is agreed that claims for compensation for legitimate damage will be processed as follows:
    (a) removal of the damage by repairing the item,
    (b) payment in full of the damaged item,
    (c) purchase of an item with similar properties to the damaged item.
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Palace, except in designated areas. For violation of the smoking ban in the Palace, a Guest will be charged a fine of PLN 500.
  8. The fee for additional cleaning of the room related to unusual soiling is PLN 200.

§ 7

  1. Kamieniec Palace shall not be liable for damage to or loss of valuables, money, securities and objects of scientific or artistic value.
  2. Kamieniec Palace is not responsible for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle due to the lack of a guarded car park.

§ 8

  1. The facility is covered by video surveillance in public areas. Monitoring recordings are kept for a period of 7 days and then permanently deleted. The entity responsible for providing monitoring service is Instalatorstwo Niskoprądowe Sławomir Mytych, ul. Boczna 8, 57-350 Kudowa Zdrój. The administrator of the personal data collected by the monitoring is the company Tangram Wojciech Hutny, ul. Bohdanowicza 7/19 02-127 Warsaw.

§ 9

  1. Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by their parents or guardians at all times during their stay. Legal guardians bear full financial responsibility for any damage caused by their children.
  2. Kamieniec Palace shall not be liable for any personal damage resulting from the participation of guests and persons using the services of Kamieniec Palace, in particular in sports and recreational events taking place during their stay (sports risks, actions of third parties).

§ 10

  1. In the event of a contagious disease in a Guest, the Guest agrees to leave the facility immediately to prevent the spread of the disease to other persons in the facility.

§ 11

  1. At a Guest's request, the hotel provides the following services:
    (a) providing information related to their stay and travel;
    (b) serving lunch or dinner at an additional cost
    (c) lending of TV sets free of charge for their own personal use for the duration of their stay in the facility.

§ 12

  1. Kamieniec Palace operates quiet night-time hours from 22:00 to 7:00 (with the exception of days on which there are wedding celebrations, New Year's Eve, or team-building or training events).
  2. The behaviour of guests and persons using the services of Kamieniec Palace should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests (the Palace may refuse to provide further services to a person who violates this rule).

§ 13

  1. Whenever leaving a room, the guest should turn off the TV, turn off the lights, turn off the taps and lock the door.
  2. The guest shall be financially responsible for any damage or destruction of Palace furnishings and technical equipment caused by him or his visitors.
  3. For reasons of fire safety, the use of heaters, electric kettles, electric irons and other similar appliances not constituting room equipment is prohibited in guest rooms.
  4. For reasons of fire safety and the smoke detector system, smoking and other substances are prohibited throughout the Palace building.
  5. In the event of a breach of the regulations, the Palace may refuse to provide services. Such a person is obliged to immediately obey the recommendations of the Palace, pay for the services used, pay for damages and leave the Palace.

§ 14

Personal belongings left in a room by a departing guest will be sent back to the address indicated by the guest against reimbursement of postage costs (at the guest's risk). 
If no such instruction is received, the Palace will store these items for two months and then destroy them.

§ 15

It is forbidden to bring alcohol into the Palace grounds without the permission of an authorised person.

§ 16

It is forbidden to bring animals into the Palace with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

§ 17

  1. A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the stay is required to confirm the booking. The remainder is payable no later than on the day of arrival.
  2. Cancellation or shortening of the stay will not result in a refund of the payment for the pre-booked stay.
  3. The stay packages form one integral whole and failure to use a package or part of a package will not result in a refund.